Monday, October 13, 2008

Customer Service Outsourcing Gains Can Be Increased Using Upselling

The concept of upselling is backed by the premise that a call from a customer always has some potential to be utilized as a selling and marketing opportunity. As a matter of fact, it actually works better because in these cases, its the buyer who is contacting the seller and not the other way around, which is usually the norm. However, it is necessary that the primary objective of customer service outsourcing projects, i.e. customer satisfaction, is not overlooked because if that happens, upselling would turn out to be a pipe dream. If a customer is not satisfied with basic customer services, it's highly unlikely that he will have the patience to listen to upselling talk.

In order to increase customer service outsourcing gains through upselling, it is necessary that the right training be provided to customer service outsourcing professionals. It is also necessary that incentive programs be tweaked to ensure that they do not unnecessarily favor upselling skills of customer service outsourcing professionals. If that happens, more customer service agents will start focusing on upselling, something that is bound to affect customer satisfaction in an adverse manner. Incentive programs need to be balanced, especially if customer service outsourcing gains are to be maximized without adversely affecting customer satisfaction.