Friday, October 24, 2008

Choosing The Right Data Management Service Outsourcing Provider

Excluding businesses that might have had a bad experience, there are not many that might be willing to give negative feedback about data management service outsourcing. It's a possibility that even businesses with a bad experience might tell you that their failures were not because of any inherent flaws in data management service outsourcing, but mostly because of their inability to choose the right data management service outsourcing provider.
So, what defines the right data management services outsourcing provider and how can businesses ensure that they are choosing the right one? Well to start with, businesses need to contact as many outsourcing service providers as possible and request proposal from each one. Each of these offers then need to be analyzed to know whether or not they meet the basic needs and requirements of the business.

Businesses can shortlist around 5 to 10 suitable offers and then start the verification process, which would involve getting feedback directly from clients of the outsourcing service provider, physical verification of offered infrastructure, and getting references from reliable sources. The data management service outsourcing provider that scores the most in these basic tests can then be chosen for more formal business engagements.

For best results, it is advisable that businesses start with small, pilot projects even when they might be quite sure that they have chosen the right data management service outsourcing provider. Starting with pilot projects will also help the service provider to better understand the intricacies of the clients business and the targeted data management service outsourcing project.